When we're not busy quilting or traveling we sometimes find time to fit in a movie!  Here are a few recent movies we've seen.

How about you?  If you've seen something recently we should share, let us know on our Facebook page! 

Must See Movies
  • The Martian - another great sci-fi movie starring Matt Damon.  I am a NASA brat (my dad worked on the Gemini missions in the 60s) so I love anything to do with space.  But this one was particularly well done.

  • Love and Mercy - the story of Brian Wilson, his struggle with mental illness, and the rise of the Beach Boys.  Wouldn't be surprised to see this in contention for an Academy Award.  A must see for anyone that grew up in the 60's.
  • Inside Out - Lynn walked out but I thought it was cute!  I saw it with a 4-year old.  Maybe that's the difference!

Chick Flicks
Skip It
  • Aloha - its only redeeming quality is Bradley Cooper!

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