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Lynn's Bio

Lynn earned a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Education from Cal State Long Beach. She quickly realized teaching high school students was not a self-fulfilling career and found work in the aerospace field.  Lynn went to work for Northrop Aircraft where she met her husband Dale in 1981 and they were married in 1982.

 Lynn’s stepmother, Ruth Jones, introduced Lynn to quilting shortly after she was married.  With no sewing background other than dressmaking in high school and college, she started with a sampler class, all done by hand.  From there she moved quickly to the sewing machine and in 1987 she taught her first quilting class – finally putting her teaching education to use.

 Lynn had left Northrop in 1984 and went to work in the proposal group at TRW, where she met Pam Overton.  Pam took one of Lynn’s sampler classes and was also hooked.  They were both members of the South Bay Quilters Guild in Torrance, where they met Sue Glass.  Lynn has always loved to travel and she and Pam formed the Traveling Quilters in 1990 with Sue joining them four years later.

Lynn and Dale moved to Wrightwood in 1994. Lynn got a job at the local travel agency, and worked there for the next 10 years.  She continued her teaching of quilting classes to local guild members and quilt guilds. 

 Now retired, Lynn and her husband enjoy traveling, camping, horseback riding, and visiting with friends and family. Lynn’s favorite part of The Traveling Quilters is interacting with other quilters that love to travel to visit quilt shows and shop all over the country.

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