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Welcome to The Traveling Quilters!

For over 34 years, The Traveling Quilters have offered a unique tour service for quilters based in Southern California. Our philosophy is: "As long as we're going to a quilt show, let's take 40 friends along with us!” While most of our trips are day trips to local quilt shows and weekend retreats in Temecula, we also offer at least one “quilting adventure” a year. These extended trips are all over the United States. Past destinations have included Hawaii, the Houston Quilt Festival, several AQS shows, the Wisconsin Quilt Expo, Santa Fe and Taos, Kansas City (and Missouri Star) and the International Quilt Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska, the Lowell Quilt Fest, and lots of other destinations.  In 2021, after weathering a nearly 1.5-year hiatus due to the pandemic, we traveled to Washington State in the Fall. To date, we have offered over 300 trips (including day trips, retreats, and quilting adventures)! We are always in search of quilt shows and quilt-related activities in new places!  Join us? 

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Address: PO Box 3214
                Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Pam Overton       
Lynn Crawford